My MUST HAVE Business Tools 2020

I am not holding back any secret when I tell you that I am obsessed with systems and tools. I honestly geek out when I find new efficient and useful tools that help my business to scale, grow profitability, and create ease. I have such a love for these tools that I wanted to share the love with you -- to eventually have you join me in this obsession!


If you have ever met me, followed me on Instagram (@simplybusinessco) or have been on my email list, you already know the major LOVE I have for Dubsado. This CRM, business management, and workflow automation system is by far our favorite platform to use when managing our clients, sending our contracts, invoices, and on-boarding processes. The best part, these are all done automatically! Our entire client on-boarding process is run within this one platform with canned emails, contract templates, custom forms, meeting scheduler, and recurring invoicing. If you own a business, Dubsado is an investment worth making!


As a business owner, you have A LOT to track and manage. And when I mean a lot, I mean tons and tons of tasks that you need to make sure get done. [Insert one of the easiest project management tools into conversation---Trello.] Trello is an extremely flexible and customizable project management tool that will help you keep all your tasks and deadlines in one place. Create different project boards, set up deadlines for each task, assign tasks to other team members, create custom categories to simplify your workload, and so much more. If you have trouble keeping up with all your to-do's, check out Trello -- plus it's FREE!


Looking for an easier way to connect with your team? Slack is one of the best messaging platforms out there for business owners. With Slack, you can collaborate on projects by creating custom channels for specific team members, host video conferencing calls, and even share files directly. One of their great benefits is they integrate with many others apps/platforms such as google drive, Trello, dropbox, salesforce, etc. Check it out here!


OK, OK. So I know I mentioned my obsession for Dubsado earlier.. Well this is my obsession for everything email marketing. Convertkit is super user friendly, allows you to not only create email sequences but also landing pages, forms, and automations for any launch or newsletter you in your pipeline. The automations are endless here and make life SO much easier when nurturing our audience. This is another investment worth making for your business. Check it out!


We all know showing up on social media is crucial for creating authority and generating leads. Well, it is also VERY time consuming. This all changed when we found Buffer. Buffer allows us to batch our content, plan out our instagram grid for a cohesive look & feel AND schedule it for the future. What's even better? It also schedules for Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter! I can't express how convenient and efficient Buffer is for your business.

Do you have other tools and platforms that you swear by? Share them in the comments below and we will happily check them out and even do reviews on them!


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